I Walk The Dream

I was born to be a rock star. I'm pushin' 50. It hasn't happened.



Get this, I just found out I'm being laid off from my audio editor job of 7 years in two days. I'm oddly OK with it. It actually appears to be divine intervention. With the severance pay I'm gonna make a life-long dream come true...I'm gonna make my first hit record.


I know how to make records. Been doin' that since 1986.

Makin' hit records? Well, there's been a lifetime of dreaming and effort...but alas, no hit records. It's high time I pulled it off! With The Holy Rocka Rollaz.

For the past three years I've been concocting original material that suits our brand of early American rock 'n' roll. We've refrained from playing the songs live or putting them on a record.

Until NOW.

I'm either surrounded by a bunch of well-meaning enablers, or I have a hit record that's begging to be recorded and released.

Folks, I've been at this music thing my whole life. And it's been FUN!

That's me on my fourth birthday. I was all about that guitar. That's my mom in the back enjoyin' a beverage all "Mad Men" style. Forty five years later, I'm still all about guitar. All about early American rock 'n' roll. All about this crazy dream to be a rock star with a hit record.

If ya don't have dreams, ya have nightmares.

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