When I tell folks this, they smile and say, "Congratulations! You finally found a job!"

I smile back and say, "No. I MADE one. Two actually."

With whatever's going on with the economy, finding a job with my skill set (or lack thereof) proved fruitless. So I picked up my lifelong passion and held up a sign that read, "Have guitar. Will work. Will sing. Will travel."

It's working!

I'd love to say this recently created career is firing on all cylinders throughout the year and providing everything my family wants. It isn't. But it is providing most everything we need. We're grateful.

If the band can start booking as many shows throughout the colder Minnesota months as we do in the summer, we'll be doing pretty well. Pert near what I was making with my 9 to 5.

And thank the good Lord I started a guitar teaching job on the side 10 years ago! There have been many times this past year a student left a check that got cashed immediately for a run to the grocery store. Funny how you appreciate those meals more.

I was laid off from the audio editor job of 7 years in January of 2013. Immediately following the shock of that, I networked. Crafted a resume. Searched online job postings. Applied. Applied. Applied.


I think I finally gave up the chase when a friend who had a line on a job told me, "Don't feel bad you didn't get called for an interview. There were over 700 applications for that position."

Eventually, my severance pay ran out. We were still floating! We had shows! I had students! Money kept rolling in!

I thought, "Hey! Maybe THIS is what I'm supposed to be doing!"

But I was still considering myself unemployed. Until I was at a get together hosted by my good friend, Ben. One person asked me what I did for a living. I sheepishly answered, "Well, I'm unemployed."

Ben smiled and said, "No, you're not. You're self employed."

I smiled back.

I haven't looked back since.

Or stopped smiling.


Heidi June 12, 2014 @04:19 pm
My daughter left her first lesson with Mark today with sore fingers and a very energized spirit! She is so excited to learn with such a fun teacher and I am so excited to hear the great sound coming from her guitar. Looking forward to a great summer of lessons and beyond!
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