Rock 'n' Roll Or Bust

I love the looks I get from friends and acquaintances when I tell them my new record is going to make me a rock star. 

Here are my two favorites:

1) Their eyes dart away from me. Then towards the ground. They shuffle a bit. I get a pained and loaded smile that speaks volumes.  "The poor guy. He got laid off. His job search has proved fruitless and painful. He's almost 50. He's panicking. He's reverting to a long-held dream that never came true in order to deal with this setback."

2) Their eyes widen and stare into some glorious distance. I leave them to their reverie. Then I sit back and listen to them tell me their dreams. I hear about their passions and what they'd always dreamed of doing. What they're still dreaming of.

And I encourage them.

No matter the response, there's always a pause. Various feelings fill the air as conversations run their course. Either way, I get this sign off look..."Are you serious?"

Yer danged straight I am! It's rock 'n' roll or bust.

I'm going for it. Why not? I'm not dead yet. I'm in great health. People go "Woo-hooo!!!" when I rock out. I just need to get in front of more of 'em.

THIS is the record that'll do it. Lemme tell ya how I think this is all gonna unfold.

Lord willing, the record will be available for sale and download on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon sometime in July. Once it's online, I will upload two videos to Youtube that I've worked on for months. One is a short movie Lisa and I made about our pilgrimage to the crash site of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. The other is a comic book lyric video that perfectly delivers the novelty spirit of a goofy song I wrote years ago.

I expect both videos to go viral to a certain extent, bring awareness to my band and the record, and hopefully...start ringing up significant sales!!!  Then a good booking agency will see our live show and start securing concerts for us to play year round.

I'm so happy and excited with this record! My whole musical life was poured into it. My love of 50s and various decades of pop music were perfectly fused on this one. A Buddy Holly vibe came over me during its making. For about a year I'd been writing songs for the short movie soundtrack, and during the winter and spring something washed over me. Filled me. You'll hear that this summer.

OK...that's the dream. The plan. The fun stuff.

Here's the nitty gritty of it:  My severance runs out in early June. I failed at securing a good day job. I'll probably be temping through the summer doing something I don't particularly enjoy. That's OK. Gotta feed the family!

BUT!!! Knowing that all of my dreams were given such a good kick in the ass during my unemployment will lift my spirits. I'll wake up each day this summer knowing that it's only a matter of time before this dream takes off.

Why am I so sure? Because it's what I was born to do.

I hope your eyes are wide open right now.

With your dream in front of you. Don't ignore it. It's probably what you were born to do.


John Easterwood May 22, 2013 @09:48 pm
Go for it, my brother. One just never knows what Providence will unfold. At 46 years old, I started temping with an agency. Under the same Providence, it has worked out for me so far. As Bonhoeffer liked to say, "Sub conditione Jacobi" referring to the text in James where the readers are admonished against presumption concerning their plans and would be better to say, "If God wills, ...."
Joni Lenzen May 22, 2013 @09:28 pm
Mark We are thrilled to hear you are pursing your dreams!! Yes, you are a rock star!! Born to be a rocker! Hope we can make it to one of your shows this summer. Please let me know when your new album comes out this summer!!! Abundant Blessings! Hugs to the girls...all your girls!! Love Joni Lenzen
Blaine May 22, 2013 @05:08 pm
Keith May 22, 2013 @05:01 pm
Mark- All I know is you can't do it if you don't do it. You've done it, did it, and will do it. I've been listening to a rock star since you gave me that first CD off the stack in 1995. Carry on, -Keith
Shawn White May 22, 2013 @04:57 pm
Dude - I am sooooo super excited for you and I'm really looking forward to hearing the new tunes. I'm sure this is going to launch you guys and that big things are ahead. Can't wait to hear what you laid down. Also, a bit of warning, since you're feeling all "Buddy Holly," I'd stick to traveling by car. :)
Tim Ringgold May 22, 2013 @04:36 pm
Preach on, brother! Many household names in American Entrepreneurism didn't hit their stride till 50+. You got what it takes, my friend, and I can't wait to watch it all come true!
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