Buddy Ramone & The Mats Meet The Cats

HOLY ROCKA ROLLA!!! Are we ever making a rock 'n' roll record!!!

Folks, this one is stuffed with high-octane original songs. Yep! I wrote 'em all. 
It's interesting how this one started coming together.
Last summer we were planning to…

Sometimes, Dreams Chase You

The phrases are often heard. "Go for your dreams." "Follow your dreams." "Make your dreams come true."

They're fun to say. Inspiring to hear. And very hard to do.

I'm feelin' a dream in a different way ~ it's chasing

I Walk The Dream

I was born to be a rock star. I'm pushin' 50. It hasn't happened.



Get this, I just found out I'm being laid off from my audio editor job of 7 years in two days. I'm oddly OK with…